Ways to Maximixe Comfort and Reduce Your Energy Bills

If you believe summers have actually been getting hotter in current years, you could be. As a matter of fact, according to the NASA, stated in their press release January 2015, 2014 was the warmest year since national records began in 1880. Incorporate those increasing temperatures with enhancing effort prices to cool your home, and also the scenario could be downright intolerable.

To help defeat the warmth, Lennox Industries, a leading company of custom home air conditioning systems, provides answers to some usual concerns about ways to raise house convenience and save cash during the most popular months of the year, based on the pioneering as well as expertise of business founder Dave Lennox.

Just how can I decrease my utility costs?

To enhance your house’s power effectiveness as well as reduced utility bills, perform a simple house effort audit. Keep home window blinds shut throughout the day to block sunshine from entering the house and plant trees around the residence for included shade.

Furthermore, inspect your attic’s insulation. The home’s air conditioning system could have to function more difficult to regulate the indoor temperature if it’s insufficient. Include more if there currently is less compared to 5 inches.

Ultimately, make certain to schedule an appointment with a residence cooling down professional to check and wash your AC unit to guarantee it’s working as efficiently as possible. You may also intend to mount a programmable thermostat that will instantly adjust the interior temperature level while you’re away, which also can help lower your power bill.

My house really feels sticky as well as often smells moldy. What can I do about it?

Condenser unit for central air conditioning

Also when the temperature corrects, your house could still really feel sticky due to extreme moisture, and that could influence your overall comfort and also wellness. Also much moisture can lead to the development of mold and also mildew, which can potentially create wellness concerns.

To establish whether you have a humidity trouble, have the air in your home examined. Lennox Industries provides a solution known as the Healthy Benefit Application, in which an air-quality screen is positioned inside the home to measure humidity degrees, as well as temperature, carbon monoxide gas, CO2, odors, chemical vapors and also air-borne bits– all of which could affect your health and also convenience.

If there is a wetness issue, it’s important to examine your house for any sort of water leakages, and take suitable measures to deal with the problem. You additionally could want to consider acquiring a dehumidifier, which can considerably minimize the dampness in your house. Lennox just recently presented the Humiditrol whole-home dehumidification system, which is installed at home’s already existing duct system and also could remove as much as 3 times more moisture from the air compared to a typical dehumidifier.

My air conditioner is about 18 years old as well as I’m afraid it’s on its last leg. Exactly what should I search for when buying a brand-new system?

The typical life expectancy of a quality central air conditioning conditioner is about 15 to 20 years, so it’s smart to be considering substitute. Planning ahead offers you time to carry out research and pick the ideal system based on your certain requirements. Consult the Excellent House cleaning Institute, in addition to producer Web sites as well as neighborhood a/c professionals, who could aid assist you in making a notified choice.

When purchasing for a new system is the seasonal energy efficiency ranking (SEER), one of the most vital points to consider. While the national minimum SEER ranking is 13, numerous more recent designs have a SEER of 15 and higher, which will certainly assist make your home much more energy reliable. Some systems, such as the Dave Lennox Signature Compilation XC21 air conditioner, are almost twice as reliable as a basic air conditioning system.

Do not place a cost tag on convenience. Acquisition a system that is valued within your budget, but do not compromise your convenience, house power performance or long-lasting cost savings by acquiring a device that will certainly not please your requirements well into the future.

Integrate those increasing temperature levels with enhancing energy expenses to cool your house, and the scenario can be downright intolerable.

To enhance your residence’s energy efficiency and also reduced utility costs, conduct a simple house effort audit. If it’s inadequate, the home’s air conditioning system might have to function more difficult to manage the interior temperature level. Lennox lately presented the Humiditrol whole-home dehumidification system, which is installed in your residence’s already existing air duct system and could get rid of up to 3 times much more moisture from the air compared to a typical dehumidifier.

While the nationwide minimum SEER record is 13, numerous more recent designs have a SEER of 15 as well as greater, which will assist make your house more energy reliable.

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