Fall HVAC Checkup Can Find Deadly Carbon Monoxide Problems And More

Before winter sets in, it makes sense to have a fall checkup on your heating and air conditioning system. Not only can this maintenance help find and prevent carbon monoxide leaks that could lead to illness and death, it can ensure that your HVAC system is working at its best and using energy as efficiently as possible.

If you have a cracked heat exchanger, this is a serious problem that needs immediate attention. While you may have read on the Internet that a cracked furnace heat exchanger isn’t as big a carbon monoxide risk as some think, that doesn’t mean its okay to use a damaged system. Cracks decrease efficiency and can lead to other deadly hazards too. Why take chances with your family’s health?

Fall HVAC Checkup

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Plus, simple things you may have overlooked can lead to a carbon monoxide risk in your home as well. These include broken or blocked flues, open return-air panning or ducts near the furnace or a lack of sufficient combustion air.

Installing a carbon monoxide leak detector is the most effective way to make sure this deadly gas isn’t inside your home. But a detector won’t fix the problem. Only professional HVAC maintenance and service can do that.

Put An End To Heat Exchanger Problems

The heat exchanger is the point of transfer where hot flue gases come into your home to provide warmth. During this process, there are many periods of heating up and cooling down. It’s no wonder that even the best ones eventually crack from metal fatigue and stress. The good news is that today’s heat exchangers have venting and safety controls that protect you from the hazardous gases given off by your heating system as it does its job. But does yours?

While a furnace may last 20 years, all systems and operating conditions are different, and the life expectancy of any system component in your home will vary. When problems develop with the heat exchanger, you need to know it. And you’ll probably need to replace it.

Carbon Monoxide Dangers

A number of malfunctions with your HVAC system can cause carbon monoxide to leak into your home, causing a potentially dangerous situation to develop. Making sure you have a working carbon monoxide detector is one line of defense. Keeping your system in good working order is another. Maintenance problems that can cause carbon monoxide issues include:

  • blocked or inadequate gas vents
  • incomplete combustion
  • lack of home ventilation
  • and more.

For the best safety and peace of mind, have a carbon monoxide detector inside every bedroom. Be sure there are smoke detectors and perhaps radon detectors in the same location as well.

More Reasons To Maintain Your System

But eliminating the carbon monoxide risk is only one reason to maintain your HVAC system with a fall checkup. Keeping your system in good order:

  • keeps your home comfortable
  • makes your system as efficient as possible
  • provides operating cost savings
  • extends the life of your system
  • and more.

Don’t put off or skip your fall HVAC tune-up. Instead, contact us right away for quick and accurate maintenance and service. We can find small problems and keep them from becoming large, costly and even deadly ones in the future. Isn’t it worth it for savings, peace of mind and better performance?

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